My Health & Fitness Journey | Weight Loss Story

- September 21, 2016



If you like someone, try and understand what sort of person she really is. This way you don’t end up being dumped in a short while. If it works out well, you invite her to be your date for a Valentine’s Day party this year.

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What Women Want Men to Know

In every relationship men and women have their own issues. For women they often complain that men know nothing about them. This has been the backbone of all those issues that arise in relationships especially if the Valentine season is approaching. If only you knew how much it means for you to tell a woman how much you love her. During Valentine season women need to know and feel that they are loved.

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Practice what you preach! If you claim to love her, then show your woman through actions especially since Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Failure to do so only shows that you are not in to her. Women need assistance as much as it does not seem to be that way. A woman will appreciate big for the small things you do for her.

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  • Thank you , I really needed this. Im a bit older but feel I have had the same journey and have lost my way recently. I just realized its not that complicated and just needs to listen to my body. Thank you, glad I came across your channel :)

    Elma van der Merwe - 5 days ago

  • yes! I declined pizza altogether today because I could only have two slices and not the whole thing

    Casy - 1 week ago

  • Love love love this, perfect timing. Thank You so much

    Moddie McCarthy - 1 week ago

  • You can talk ALOT! BUT GOOD, INSPIRING & POSITIVE talk! And soo funny.loved your content =)

    jazzy g - 1 week ago

  • Your "manly" is very skinny , thats quite triggering :(

    TheChocobunnyrockz - 1 week ago

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