My Health & Fitness Journey | Weight Loss Story

- September 21, 2016



If you like someone, try and understand what sort of person she really is. This way you don’t end up being dumped in a short while. If it works out well, you invite her to be your date for a Valentine’s Day party this year.

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What Women Want Men to Know

In every relationship men and women have their own issues. For women they often complain that men know nothing about them. This has been the backbone of all those issues that arise in relationships especially if the Valentine season is approaching. If only you knew how much it means for you to tell a woman how much you love her. During Valentine season women need to know and feel that they are loved.

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Practice what you preach! If you claim to love her, then show your woman through actions especially since Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Failure to do so only shows that you are not in to her. Women need assistance as much as it does not seem to be that way. A woman will appreciate big for the small things you do for her.

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  • "Ok what's a carb" HAHAHHA I'M CRYING

    Popular Commentary - 0 days ago

  • Thank you for showing me that healthy eating is possible and can be done with constant little tweaks 💛💛💛 You are so supportive, understanding, and informative. Love you Sez! 💕

    Chloe's Space - 1 days ago

  • what a journey, your an inspiration! I found something that has helped so much check it out.

    Grace Comforts - 1 days ago

  • Hi there, Love you’re channel, I was wondering which tropekea items should I order, the ones you use. Thank you

    CHERYL DELGADO - 6 days ago

  • What if I crave a brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol great video !

    Yessica Porteiro-Oxley - 6 days ago

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