My weight loss story Beeisforbeeauty

- September 21, 2016



This video is about How i lost 38 lbs…i share my story with you. this is a long video with a ton of info so feel free to take notes and re watch if needed!! i tell you about my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. please comment with any questions you have for me! the playlists for this will include what i eat…my workouts and much more! coming soon!! check back for more and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up!! thanks so much for watching!

Truth about Six Pack Abs Review

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  • Soo proud you are sooooo beautifull

    Fleur Develing - 1 days ago

  • A www this is really nice, bless your heart❤️

    Linda Grace - 2 days ago

  • You are absolutely gorgeous!!! New subscriber here 😀😀

    June Tay41 - 2 days ago

  • this is so inspiring ♥
    im going through self-hatred right now. im 18 and my body fat is almost 28%. Coming from an asian country, my family thinks im eating too much and overweight, which makes me criticize myself even more. It also stops me from working out since it shows no result (i love weight lifting and running tho! )

    This video motivates me to work towards my goals, believing that someday, just like you, i will have that confidence and be proud of myself too. Thank you so much for sharing this Taylor! God bless ♥

    Thew Penny - 4 days ago

  • Thank you for the inspiration!!

    Lynne Smith - 5 days ago

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