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- September 21, 2016



Being happy is one of the things that result in very healthy relationships. If you do not wish to fight, find ways you can make your man happy. This is a good way to ensure that the Valentine’s Day will be spent well.

Remember if he is happy, you will also be happy. Always tell your man where you are heading and the people you are going to meet. He has the right to know even if he does not ask but do not even think about lying about it. You do not want him to think you are planning to hook up with someone else this Valentine’s Day.

Talk to him nicely especially if you have an issue. Men do not like being shouted at because if you do you might end up spoiling a surprise he had for you. Do not keep things to yourself then start accusing him later since it would make him angry. Meet up with your girlfriends and give your man a little space. This comes in handy when he is stressed on something.

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If your man asks you to do something, just do it. This enhances respect between the two of you. You may decide to help each other doing small tasks. If he is the type that goes to the office on weekdays, iron his clothes then in the evening prepare a nice dinner for him.

Men love to women who dress elegantly, so dress to impress him. The other most important thing that a woman should not forget is to avoid making excuses for not making love to him. That’s how you make your man happy!

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